The Scale

Here at The Feminist Critique, we want to make sure our posts are easy to understand so that everyone can be informed and contribute to discussion. That is why we use a scale to critique the books, movies and music we review.

The scale works like this:

0- NOPE! This book, movie or song is either misogynistic, racist, homophobic, classist, ageist, etc. or damaging in some way. Contains no redeeming qualities. Avoid exposure unless you’re looking for some righteous anger.

1- Still pretty bad, but valuable – if only just to be exposed to some interesting opinions.

2- Has a few redeeming qualities. Often these pieces will be the ones that are possibly harmful but have sparked valuable, interesting, and intelligent debate either in the comments or in the social media sphere.

3- Average. Not overtly offensive, but also not validating/empowering/helpful. Most American pop culture falls in this category.

4- Great! These books, movies and songs have feminist messages and are well put together and entertaining. May fall short in other areas like diverse representation.

5- AMAZING! Recommend this piece to all of your feminist friends!


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