The Fault in Our Stars

a fault in our stars

*Warning: this post contains minor spoilers*

John Green’s young adult novel, The Fault in Our Stars has been making a splash ever since its release in 2012 and the movie adaptation of the story is scheduled to come out this June. The book is about Hazel, a sixteen year old girl diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and her relationship with the charming, seventeen year old boy Augustus Waters, who lost one of his legs to cancer. This story revolves around their relationship, and the struggles that come with their illnesses.

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Feminist Underwear?

“Feminist” undies have been a hot topic in social media lately. Ever since the response to the PINK “rape panties” by the feminist group “Pink Loves Consent” 2 years back, new takes on the idea have been cropping up. From Amulya Sanagavarapu’s Feminist Style to Anthony Hall’s Period Panties, Kickstarter has been full of people trying to make it big in the themed underwear industry.

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Gone Girl


Gyllian Flynn’s mystery/thriller Gone Girl is the story of two awful people doing awful things to each other. Although the book came out early in 2012, a movie adaption has been set to be released later this year. Keep reading to hear some feminist perspective.


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Disney’s newest princess focused animated film, Frozen has swept the nation in a Broadway-worthy, snow-filled winter wonderland, instant classic fashion. It has also set off a lot of a lot of discussion of feminism and started a conversation about how Disney princesses influence thousands of young girls every year.


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Oppressed Majority

Welcome to The Feminist Critique! Our first post will be a quick one to start us all off. We hope you enjoy, comment, and share this post!

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